About Read & Paint: Stories for Kids

Story books for kids available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Kids can learn while reading and having fun.

An application full of learning and fantasy stories.

Available stories

  • Shapes (learning, ages 1 to 3). Storybook including triangle, square, circle, rectangle, star and oval. Free.
  • Colors (learning, ages 1 to 3). Storybook including yellow, white, red, pink, orange, green, gray, brown, blue and black. Free.
  • Numbers (learning, ages 1 to 3). Storybook including numbers 1 to 10 combined with beautiful animal pictures.
  • Naily (Fantasy, Ages 3+). Naily is a story about a girl who did not want to get her nails trimmed.
  • Fruits and Vegetables (learning, ages 1 to 3). Storybook about fruits and vegetables. Free.
  • Musical Instruments (learning, ages 1 to 3). Storybook about musical instruments and the sounds they make. If you click on the instrument image you will hear the instrument sound.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Options in every story

  • Read text out loud in the current selected language
  • Paint every page using brushes of different colors
  • Save the drawing to your photo gallery and send it to friends


  • Free stories: Shapes, Colors, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Available through Google in-app purchases: Numbers, Naily, Musical Instruments

Upcoming stories are around the corner.

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