What is Megathlon?

Megathlon provides triathlon training programs for half-sprint, sprint, olympic, half-ironman and ironman distances and different training levels such as easy, intermediate and advanced. Additionally, duathlon and aquathlon training programs are available in sprint and olympic distances for easy and advanced. These triathlon training programs are supplied as templates, so you can create as many plans as you want out of those templates. While executing the created training plans, you will be able to provide actuals to compare against the planned figures.

Fully customizable triathlon training plans. After creating plans from templates, you will be able to add, delete and move training activities within a training week. What is more, you can generate plan summary reports and email your on-going plans.

Megathlon can be configured to use km/meters or miles/yards. Furthermore, it provides supporting tools for your training such as heart rate zones calculator, a plan exporter and race checklist. Another useful tool that can be acquired is the Training fatigue calculator which basically allows you to project your current capabilities over greater distances, review results and export them to spreadsheet and send it via email.

Note that some triathlon training program templates and tools are given away for free and others can be bought in the Megathlon In-app store. There is a preview option available for triathlon training programs and tools.

Awesome free widgets:

  • Today training plan. Size: 4x1. Displays your current plan and today's training activities. On a single tap will lead you to the current training week.
  • Current Plan Weekly Summary. Size: 4x2. Displays your current plan weekly summary. On a single tap will lead you to the current training week.

Training program life cycle tools

Megathlon provides features/tools for every step of the training plan life cycle:

  • before the plan starts
    • training log (t-log)
    • calculates number of days to plan start
    • weight tracker
  • during plan execution
    • calculates plan completion %
    • heart rate zones calculator tool
    • plan provides what/when to do for training every day
    • weekly aggregates per discipline
    • training log (t-log)
    • training fatigue calculator tool
    • track injuries in t-log
    • export and email plan tool
    • plan summary report
    • plan customisation (move activities to different days, add and delete activities)
    • update actuals and compare against planned
    • weight tracker
  • on the event day
    • race checklist tool
  • after plan is completed
    • calculates plan completion %
    • training log (t-log)
    • export and email plan tool
    • weight tracker


Megathlon does not use any of your personal or non-personal information for advertising. This app does not display advertisements in any form or way. We support our development by selling the best training programs and tools via in-app purchases.

Pricing structure

The following training programs are free: Half Sprint Triathlon (Easy), Sprint Triathlon (Easy), Sprint Duathlon (Easy) and Sprint Aquathlon (Easy). Also the following tools are free: Heart rate zones calculator and plan exporter. The rest can be bought via in-app purchases.


  • Buy 2 or more Triathlon Training Programs and get the 'Race Checklist' Tool free of charge.
  • Buy 3 or more and you get 'Training Fatigue Calculator'.

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